HICK Kippax Utility Coat.

In Brisbane Moss Coniston 300gm2 Cotton Corduroy Khaki.

Made to Order, this item may take up to 4 weeks to make ( All are made in store by me, Ant ). 

A drop shoulder loose fit jacket with two piece lined sleeve, large front pocket, breast and inside pocket and taped hem. Image is Vintage Linen Sample.


A collection designed and inspired by the workwear once worn by each of my Grandfathers – one, a factory worker from the Midlands, the other, a shed-dweller from North Yorkshire.

My paternal Grandfather, George, was already retired when I was a boy and I would spend my summers with him and Grandma. We would take trips out in the old van he had converted into a camper, with the most amazing folding, plywood, roof light. And at the end of the day, we would eat homemade cakes and drink tea from enamel mugs.

I remember he had two distinct looks; a navy boiler suit with sheepskin gilet over the top, or a grey suit and white button down shirt on a Sunday. After he had showered, shaved and had a bath he would come down for Sunday lunch smelling of fresh crisp cologne with slicked Brylcreamed hair and a sharp moustache.

A simple affective wardrobe.

HICK reflects his ideas and draws directly from these memories. 


Each piece shares a simple design narrative to create a strong practical look. 

Garments are cut and stitched by hand and constructed from cloth sourced from within the British Isles.

Cut, Crafted Stitched, Trimmed in Frome, Bristol and Great Yarmouth.

I'm currently in the process of developing the brand, the samples are what you see in the above photographs.

If you would like more information or to order please email or simply place order.

Thanks Anthony.