Kardo Ryan Block Print Shirt

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Kardo Ronen Long Sleeve Shirt in Blue/Ecru Block.

100% Handloomed Cotton.

Hand Block Printed.

AJRAKH, which hails from Kutch in Gujarat, is a form of block and resist dye printing using natural dyes to create patterns of complex geometry. The cloth is made in a sixteen step process of washing, dyeing, printing and drying in order to keep colours fast and even. Pomegranate seeds, gum, harde powder, wood, flour of kachika, flower of Dhavadi, alizarine and locally cultivated Indigo are just some of the natural resources used in this craft. Because of the natural dyes, all the water used in the process of ajrakh can be recycled in arable land.

Medium - Extra Large.

Wash Cold.

Size: Medium